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ITALY - University of Milan. Lecture on "Hot Topics in European Economics and politics" and "Crisis in Europe: which solutions and policies?", 16 May 2013
Margarita STARKEVIÈIÛTË, FMA member

TURKEY - University of Istanbul. Lecture on EU policies: Economic and monetary union and EU's enlargement policies, 16-17 April 2013
Atanas PAPARIZOV, FMA member

SPAIN - University of Malaga. “Political and Institutional perspective of the EU crisis”, 26 April 2013


"The problem is that while the United States are facing the crisis with a very advanced  fiscal and economic union, in Europe we have a very recent monetary union and with little cohesion in economic and fiscal policy whose necessity member states were not aware of until 2007 and they did not accept to transfer sovereignty that would allow Europe to have the same resources that the U.S. have to respond to the crisis"

› José María GIL-ROBLES, FMA Member


ITALY - University of Trento. “ - Views of Europe”, 19 April 2013


"Now, more then ever, citizens feel the need to understand, as key players, the current political situation and the global scenarios which would raise as a consequence of the national elections' results and the newly elected political groups. This would be an opportunity to talk about the crisis and its possible solutions, about young people and the future, about the role of Italy in Europe and about the role of the European Union at a national and international level"

 › Marco Brunazzo, Coordinator of Trento's Jean Monnet Pole 

UNITED KINGDOM - University of East London. “Wither Europe”, 18-19 March 2013


"Yesterday we had a very intense debate on the European financial crisis; the students come from so many different backgrounds, which is great."

› Birgit Daiber, FMA Member

“Events such as this demonstrate UEL’s commitment to NSP partner schools and colleges and provide an invaluable opportunity for us to work with talented students and committed teachers. For many young people studying Government and Politics at “A” level in our partner schools and colleges a field trip to visit European political institutions is not possible. With the support of the EU Former Members’ Association we bring a former MEP to them.”

Tony Hudson, UEL Professor