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FMA Annual Seminar 2012

Europe and Youth: Our future!
An intergenerational dialogue - challenging the wisdom of age and the energy of youth to fashion a response to the crisis
Thursday 6 December 2012, from 10.00 to 13.00, Room ASP3E2, European Parliament, Brussels



› Welcome and introduction to the seminar, by Mr Pat COX, President of the European Parliament Former Members Association

› Modernisation of education and training systems, a crucial requirement to get the EU out of the current crisis, by Mr Pierre MAIRESSE, Director, European Commission, Directorate General for Education and Culture
 · Watch the video     · Mairesse presentation - Rethinking Education

› Demographic challenge and solidarity between generations, by Mr Thomas MANN MEP, Vice-Chair of the Committee on Employment and Social Affairs and Rapporteur on the demographic challenge and solidarity between generations (EP Report adopted in 2010)

› How do younger generations in Europe see their future?, by Mr Peter MATJAŠIC, President, European Youth Forum
    · Watch the video

› A story from Spain, by Ms Marta MATO, Philosophy teacher. Colegio Virgen de Atocha of Madrid
    · Watch the video 

› Question & Answer session. Moderator: Mr Pat COX, FMA President
   · Watch the video part 1 - part 2 - part 3 - part 4

› Conclusions, by Ms Brigitte LANGENHAGEN
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