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2013 FMA STUDY VISIT to tunisia

From September 28th to October 6th a delegation of 19 former members engaged in a trip to Tunis, going through a multifaceted and interesting programme. Despite the high uncertainty characterising the situation of Tunisia, we were the first European representatives who were able to have meetings with the Tunisian establishment after the political crisis that shook the country last July. The country is going through a process that might not be linear and its roadmap is a significant example of different social actors working together for a democratic future. In particular our delegation met Moncef Marzouki, President of the Tunisian Republic, Mustapha Ben Jaafar, President of the National Constituency Assembly (NCA), Ali Larayedh, Prime Minister, and Ridha Saidi, Minister Prime Minister in charge of Economic Affairs. Yet, our visit comprised also meetings with the civil society: NGOs, journalists, intellectuals, university students, women's rights activists, and economy think tanks.


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1.1 Programme - Study Visit to Tunisia (200 kb)
2.1.1 Relations UE-Tunisie (170 kb)
2.1.2 enpi_tunisia_en (195 kb)
3.1 Constitution Tunisienne FR only (301 kb)
3.3 IDEA The Tunisian Constituent Assembly EN only (314 kb)
3.4 Enhancing the rule of law - EN (960 kb)
4.1 Statistics UDNP EN (805 kb)
4.5 Amnesty Annual Report 2012 on Tunisia EN (29 kb)
4.6 Freedom of expression on trial in Tunisia - Amnesty report EN only (13 kb)
4.8 EP study on gender equality in Tunisia EN only (740 kb)