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The University is required to meet transport and accommodation costs and is expected to cover on-site expenses for the Members' accommodation, meals, the administrative material needed and for local transportation. The local transportation includes the transportation to and from the airport as well as the transportation during the time of the visit. In some cases, the Association can help and provide financial support thanks to our supporter:


Should you be interested in getting financial aid, you may apply for funding to the European Commission under the Jean Monnet Action at:
or at
For possible inquiries on how to apply for funding, please contact the Educational, Audiovisual and Culture Executive Agency at:

In order to encourage the positive use of the EP to CampusProgramme by Jean Monnet beneficiaries, certain travel and subsistence costs that are directly linked to the teaching activity of Former MEPs are considered as grant-eligible expenditure if the possible invitation of a Former MEP is foreseen in the content part of a Jean Monnet Proposal or if the Executive Agency (EACEA) is informed and agreed on the additional activity during the eligibility of a project.

On the other hand, those universities benefiting from past Jean Monnet grants can invite former Members to take part in their academic activities under the old system only if the participation costs of the speaker were already included in the budget and it is not an additional activity.