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The Association of former Members of Parliament of the member states of the Council of Europe or the European Union, known as the European Association, comprises 32 national associations and seeks to promote the European ideal and to contribute to European integration. This association has its secretariat in the Belgian Senate and its legal seat in the French National Assembly and it meets three times a year. Each association appoints two delegates to represent it in the Bureau of the European Association. These delegates attend Bureau meetings, annual seminars and colloquies. The current FMA delegates are Mrs Langenhagen and Mr Audy. Lord Balfe and Mr Bertens are alternate members. The FMA is a full member of the European Association since March 2010.Its current President, elected at the Annual General Assembly on 2 March 2018, is Mr Rune Rydén, Swedish. The FMA Honorary Secretary and delegate to FP-AP Brigitte Langenhagen, was selected as FP-AP Vice-President at the Bureau meeting.








On Friday 25 May 2018, in view of the adoption of a declaration on The Future of Europe", whose Rapporteur is the Former Secretary General of the Council of Europe Walter Schwimmer from Austria, Brigitte Langenhagen and Jean Pierre Audy, FMA delegates to the European Association of Former Parliamentarians of the Member Countries of the Council of Europe (FP-AP), actively participated in its Seminar and Bureau meeting, hosted this time by the Belgian Association of former parliamentarians, Pro Lege, in Brussels.

The declaration was adopted at the Colloquy on the 11th of October 2018 in Strasbourg. You can find here the full text of the declaration and a short summary. More information can be found in the December issue of the FMA Bulletin.

The FP-AP association celebrated its 25th anniversary this year at the General Assembly on Friday 1st March 2019 in Paris. 25th anniversary of the European Association of former Members of Parliament of the Member States of the Council of Europe

The FP-AP also made a statement for the International Women Day (08-03-2019) that you can find here.



 You can find here all the adopted declarations.

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25th anniversary of the European Association of former Members of Parliament of the Member States of the Council of Europe (372 kb)
Declaration on the Future of Europe (333 kb)
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Statement International Woman Day (224 kb)