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The Foundation for the Parliamentary Democracy is a registered, charitable organization that raises money for FMA activities that promote democracy and good governance in Europe and in emerging democracies around the world.  Virtually all funds contributed to the Foundation go directly to two FMA activities: the "EP to Campus" programme and the Global Democracy Initiative.

The EP to Campus programme allows Universities to benefit from the expertise and experience of former Members of the European Parliament who will share their insights into how the EU institutions really work and what are the factors shaping EU decision-making.

The Global Democracy Initiative (GDI) delivers a streamlined approach that recognizes effectively the multiple stages and aspects of representative democracy. It means that GDI actions not only focus on the elections day but are broadened to the whole electoral cycle.

You can make a donation directly on the Foundation bank account:

KBC Bank European Parliament Branch - Rue Wiertz, B-1047 Brussels
IBAN: BE81 7340 3799 6424