Join the Former Members Association (FMA) - "A LEGACY OF EXPERIENCES - to continue building the EU"

The Association is a dedicated forum and network for former MEPs to keep in touch with each other and with current MEPs through seminars, visits and social events, to facilitate individual contributions to educational activities such as the EP to Campus Programme, and to keep former MEPs up to date on current EU affairs.

The Association is to preserve the experience of former MEPs and to reinvest it in programmes and activities aimed at strengthening parliamentarianism and helping to raise awareness of the enhanced role of the European Parliament.

We also provide practical information about MEPs’ entitlements after leaving the Parliament.

We invite Ex-Members of the European Parliament to join the FMA and become part of our growing Association by filling in the registration form that you can find below in English, French and German. All EU official languages will shortly be available: 

How do I join the FMA? - Step by step

Step 1: Apply for Membership

To join the FMA, please download the registration form, fill it in, and send it back by mail to

Step 2: Approval by FMA Board

According to Article 5 of the FMA Statutes, every candidate needs to be approved by the FMA Management Board.

Once approved, the perspective member can go to the following step of registration.

Step 3: Payment

According to Article 7 of the FMA Statues, every Member needs to fulfil his/her payment obligation. For 2024 this means:

  • Registration before 29 April: 100 euros ;
  • Registration after 30 April: 60 euros;
  • Registration after 30 September: 40 euros.

Step 4: Membership Complete


You have gone through all the registration steps and you are now a Member of the FMA and can enjoy all the perks.