The EP to Campus programme allows Universities to benefit from the expertise and experience of former Members of the European Parliament who will share their insights into how the EU institutions really work and what are the factors shaping EU decision-making.

The initiative to include the participation of former MEPs originates from the University organising a conference, a seminar or a tutorial. The University is required to fill in our application form . The Guidelines will help you for this purpose. The FMA will then aim at matching the requirements of the institution with FMA available members, exploiting a database which contains details concerning the areas of expertise of any former MEPs. The FMA sends a shortlist of names to the University from which the University will finally decide. The University is the one and only in charge to deciding on the final candidate. This of course includes the right to reject all the proposed candidates whom you are not happy with.

For the financial aspects, see Financing. You can also consult here below all our past programmes.

Thank you to CANDRIAM and KBC for supporting this programme over the past years