Participation in Europe - Cover

The book “Participation in Europe” by Monica Baldi and Michael Hindley is a FMA_HAEU collaboration that was published in 2023. The book explores ways to enhance civic education and envision a European landscape where citizens are not just spectators but active architects of their democratic future. The FMA_HAEU entitled “Participation in Europe”, edited by FMA Vice-President, Monica Baldi, and EP to Campus coordinator and FMA Board Member, Michael Hindley, is based on contributions of speakers and guests during the hybrid conference of June 16 2023. This conference, organised by the European Parliament Former Members Association, Erasmus+/Indire and the Historical Archives of the European Union, examined three concrete programmes developed to increase the understanding and participation of young people in Europe.

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Cover The Future Of Europe

The book “Present Future of Europe“, edited by Hans-Gert Pöttering, Teresa Riera Madurell and Monica Baldi, and produced by FMA was printed by EUI in 2022. The publication reports the proceedings of the High-Level conference “The Future of Europe Starts Today” held in Florence, on Monday 21 March in the historic Villa Salviati, at the European University Institute. 

The book contains the FMA proposal for the Conference on the Future of Europe “Our European Union – Time to be Bold, to Act, and to Deliver”, as well as relevant contributions written by important personalities from the institutional, political and academic world. The common interest found in each contribution, both of an institutional and political and / or academic nature, is to reach a shared action of the European Union, by underlining the strengths and, at the same time, by highlighting the weakest elements to strengthen the European democracy. Several topics were discussed, such as the abolition of the right of veto, the replacement of the unanimous vote by the qualified majority vote, transparency in the actions of the European Council and the attribution of greater powers to the European Parliament. Furthermore, the guarantee of the rule of law, energy
and environmental policy, culture, joint action on the subject of defense, security and immigration, foreign and cooperation policy, the revision of the Treaties and the reform process of the architecture of the EU.

book cover pandemic

The book “Overcoming the Pandemic”, edited by Monica Baldi and Flavia Franconi and produced by FMA was printed by HAEU in November 2021. The publication reports the proceedings of the conference held on September 23, 2021, in Florence, in the European University Institute on Gender Medicine and the consequences of the pandemic: “How to overcome the Covid-19 pandemic and its consequences”, organized by Women20 and FMA with the collaboration of the Historical Archive of the European Union, on the occasion of the Italian presidency of the G20. The book contains both the Charta de Florentia, which indicates some recommendations addressed to governments, as well as some important articles, especially written, by eminent personalities from the world of institutions, politics, culture and science. The common thread that unites the succession of interventions is the empowerment and adoption of a gender approach, as a necessary tool to analyze, and consequently respond to the realities created by the health emergency, and beyond, from medicine to work. market, social sphere, political and institutional dimension. Therefore, implementing gender medicine with the aim of putting the person at the center with their past and present experiences is the only way to achieve equity in health protection. A step to curb the pandemic and the consequences of isolation, through shared and inclusive actions, taking into account the specific needs of women and men, through gender-sensitive research capable of producing a circular and productive development attentive to the environmental Issues.