The FMA Promoting the European Elections

Ahead of the 2024 European elections, happening June 6-9, the FMA is engaged in many different activities to make the elections more visible and to boost voter turnout.

Check out our activities and events:

Disseminating Information

One of the FMA’s main objectives is to inform citizens and young people about current and important topics that are being discussed in the European Parliament right now.

See below to receive more information about the EU elections.

EP to Campus

The FMA is organising several EP to Campus events focusing on the impact and importance of the 2024 European elections.

Check out our page dedicated towards EP to Campus to find more events.

Former MEPs engage with universities to make the European elections more visible to students.

Invite a Former MEP

You want to invite a Former MEP to talk at your event ?

Provide us with the title, date, and requested profile and contact FormerMembers or fill in the registration form here.

Invite a Former MEP to be a guest speaker at your event who will be able to give you a pluralistic view on the 2024 European elections.

FMA Bulletins

The FMA is publishing a quarterly Bulletin on various EU topics.

If you are interested in all things EU and to receive a pluralistic and multi-faceted perspective from Former MEPs, then this is the publication for you!

FMA Bulletin – Your source of information about the EU

Information about the 2024 European Elections

Useful Documents

Useful Platforms is a pan-European community that connects people who want to get involved in the European democratic life. The goal is to gather all the actors who can contribute to spreading the message of the importance of voting, and further increase voter turnout in the 2024 European elections.

Register now and find out what events will take place near you!

How to vote?

Unsure on how you can vote in your country!

Find all the information on the Elections process and the electoral rules in each country (how to register deadlines, etc) here.

The information provided is country specific, so be sure to select your country to get the right information-

What does Europe do for me?

Curious about what the EU has done for you?

The platform What Europe does for me developed by the EPRS features hundreds of easily accessible, one-page documents highlighting the positive impact that the EU has had on your life.


Want to stay up-to-date on what is happening in the European Parliament and the EU in general!

Then check out the European Parliamentary Research Service (EPRS) who publishes articles, briefs and analyses on current issues.