Public Roundtable “Together for the future of Europe – Digital transformation in the European way?”

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Public Roundtable “Together for the future of Europe – Digital transformation in the European way?”

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Digital transformation is affecting the economic, political and social life in the European Union and globally. Is technology neutral? Has surveillance capitalism tipped the balance of power in politics? Are Deep Fakes the biggest risk to our future democracy? Can traditional media really protect against this growing threat?

To open the debate on these fundamental issues, we jointly organised a roundtable entitled “Digital transformation in the European way?” on 10 December, jointly with Wilfried Martens Centre for European Studies, European Progressive Studies Foundation, European Liberal Forum, Green European Foundation and European University Institute.

The event was an integral part of a cycle of “Together for the Future of Europe” events which will continue during 2021. All the panellists agreed that human rights and the rule of law is the essence of what it is to be European and that these ethics should be reflected in the future of a digitalized Europe. Tech morality and a European values driven digital strategy are essential in the discussion concerning digital media and data.

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Europe must be the digital norm-setter, and this is critical for the recovery of our democracy in the face of strong and persistent challenges from agents of disinformation.

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If you missed our Kick-off event on 9 September 2020, find the video below and summary here.

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Background information: Very relevant proposals will be made by the European Commission on these topics until this date, i.e. the Democracy Action Plan, the Digital Services Act and the Media & Audiovisual Action Plan.


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December 10, 2020
10:00 am - 1:30 pm
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