Jean-Pierre AUDY

Jean-Pierre AUDY

Jean-Pierre Audy is the FMA Treasurer. He was a member of the European Parliament from 2005 to 2014. From 2009 to 2012 he served as Vice-Chair of the Committee on Budgetary Control. From 2010 to 2014, he was Vice-Chair of the Delegation for relations with the Mercosur countries and chairman of the French delegation in the European People’s Party (EPP) group. From 2013 to 2014 he served as Vice-Chair of the Delegation to the Euro-Latin American Parliamentary Assembly. During his time in the European Parliament he was also Member of the Committee on Industry, Research and Energy, Committee on International Trade, of the Delegation for relations with the countries of Southeast Asia and the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) and the Delegation for relations with the Maghreb countries and the Arab Maghreb Union (including Libya).

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Monica BALDI

Monica Baldi, architect and urban planner, is Grand Officer of Merit of the Italian Republic. Deputy and Secretary of the Commission for Foreign and Community Affairs at the Chamber of Deputies from 2001 to 2006. MEP and Deputy President of the Committee for Culture, Youth, Education, Media and Sport from 1994 to 1999. She is Vice President of the European Parliament Former Members Association (FMA) and of ARS PACE. Baldi was Vice President of the Red Cross of Pistoia and President of the associations: Pinocchio di Carlo Lorenzini, Pinocchioworld, Laurus and Professional Cycling Groups League. She is speaker and promoter of conferences on: international politics, cooperation and development, culture, urban planning, environment. She has always been committed to the defence of Human Rights and in particular for the Rights of Women.


Anna Karamanou is a Greek Former Member of the European Parliament (1997-2004) and an activist for Women’s Rights and Gender Equality. Before serving in the EP, she was an active trade-unionist of the Telecommunications sector (1974-1992), member of the Women’s Committee of the European Trade Unions Confederation (ETUC, 1988-91), an expert of the European Commission on gender equality issues, and the project leader of “Training Women in New Technologies”, Syros island, 1993-1996. She also was State General Secretary for Equality in Greece (1996-97), founder & general secretary of the Greek “Political Association of Women” (1997-2004), member of the Association of Women Scientists, the Chairperson of PASOK Women’s Department (1994-2001) and Vice-President of the Socialist International of Women (1996-2003).



Teresa Riera Madurell is Honorary Secretary of the Board of the Association of Former Members of the European Parliament (FMA). She is a Spanish politician, university professor and President of the Scientific Policy Advisory Committee of the Barcelona Supercomputing Center (BSC-CNS). She has been a professor of computer science and artificial intelligence at the University of the Balearic Islands. She was a member of the Parliament of the Balearic Islands (1987-1996). Member of the Spanish Congress (1996-2004). Member of the NATO Parliamentary Assembly (2000-2004): Vice-Chair of the Science and Technology Committee and General Rapporteur. Member of the European Parliament from 2004 to 2014: Member of the Parliamentary Committee on Industry, Research and Energy; Rapporteur for the research and innovation framework programme “Horizon 2020”, achieving a final agreement strengthening the European research and innovation system with special support for scientists and researchers. Member of the EC-RISE Advisory Group to the Commissioner for Research, Innovation and Science, Carlos Moedas (2014-2019). She is co-author of the AAL publication “Overcoming the Pandemic”, produced in collaboration with Women 20 and supported by the Historical Archives of the European Union.



Constantinos Tsoutsoplides is the Head of the European Parliament Liaison Office in Greece. He was the Spokesperson of the EPLO in Greece since 2011 and the Coordinator of the EP institutional campaign for the May 2019 European Elections. As an official of the Council of the EU, he worked for the Ecofin during the creation of the Euro (1994-1998), for the enlargement negotiations (1998-2003), for the financial perspectives in the Secretary General Private Office (2003-2004) and for the Foreign Affairs Council on Middle East and Northern Africa issues (2011). He was Secretary General for the European Social Fund in the Greek Ministry of Employment (2006-2009) and Managing Director of the Hellenic Sugar Industry (2004-2006). He holds a PhD in Economics from the University of Reading, UK.