One of the instruments of the Conference on the Future of Europe is a multilingual digital platform that offers to every European citizen the possibility to share their ideas. The idea is to collect, to analyse, to monitor and to publish throughout the Conference these statements.

The platform is presented as “the hub of the Conference” and a “way to get involved and speak up at the Conference“. According to the platform a “feedback mechanism will ensure that the ideas expressed during the Conference events” will “result in concrete recommendations for EU action“. The  “final outcome of the Conference will be presented in a report to the Joint Presidency” and the “three Institutions will examine swiftly how to follow up effectively to this report, each within their own sphere of competences and in accordance with the Treaties”.

Read more about the functioning of the multilingual digital platform here.


The FMA is participating and is engaged on the platform.


You can follow the activities of the FMA on the digital platform

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