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FMA event 'Librorum' with Alain Lamassoure

On Wednesday 11 May 2021, the Former Members’ Association of the European Parliament (FMA) organised its third Librorum event. After two previous successful editions featuring former President of the European Parliament José María Gil-Robles and former Member of the European Parliament Astrid Lulling, this time the honour fell to Alain Lamassoure to elaborate on his book ‘Histoire secrète de la Convention européennein the presence of FMA President and EP Former President Hans-Gert Pöttering. Zofija Mazej Kukovič and Jean-Pierre Audy, both FMA Board Members, opened the event.

Although the book dates from 2004, the content is timelier today than ever before. As with the Conference on the Future of the Europe launched on Europe Day (9 May), the previous European Convention already sought the opinion of EU citizens. In response to the question what the Conference on the Future can learn from the experiences of the Convention, Alain Lamassoure answered as follows:

“If we want to reform Europe in-depth, we need two things: a leader with political legitimacy and a budget.”

It is important that citizens have an image about the person who represents Europe. The Covid-19 crisis has contributed to our desire to achieve our goals as a community, and to become less self-interested in gathering our own resources. This solidarity is one of our biggest European priorities, Lamassoure said.

President of the FMA Hans-Gert Pöttering underlined that parliamentary democracy is essential and ensures political legitimacy and accountability. Mr Lamassoure agreed but added that it is not enough. To achieve a successful outcome, Europe needs to listen to and use the opinion and input of EU citizens.

Alain Lamassoure referred to a partnership between Africa and Europe as a big missing project for the future of Europe. Such partnerships are an opportunity for the wellbeing of Europe as well.

Alain Lamassoure is one of the eminent and experienced members of the FMA Reflection Group on the Future of the European Union. The Group is chaired by FMA President Hans-Gert Pöttering and will gather for the second time in June, where it will feed discussions with contributions by FMA members.

About Librorum

Librorum has been one of the FMA’s established events since 2021, where a member of the FMA gives a presentation on his or her publication followed by a public debate.