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Webinar “Together for the Future of Europe”

On 9 September 2020, for the first time ever, the European Parliament Former Members Association (FMA), four main European Political Foundations and the European University Institute come together in a webinar to promote plural and public debate on shaping the European project. This event will launch a long-term co-operation with a series of initiatives, examining the short and long-term implications of the Covid crisis, with an open debate on the key challenges.

FMA President and European Parliament Former President (2007-2009) Hans-Gert PÖTTERING, Wilfried Martens Centre for European Studies President Mikulas DZURINDA, Foundation for European Progressive Studies President Maria João RODRIGUES, European Liberal Forum President Jürgen MARTENS, Green European Foundation Co-president Susanne RIEGER, and European University Institute President Renaud DEHOUSSE are the prominent speakers.


Guiding themes of the event will be:

1) The short and long-term implications of the Covid crisis for the European project

Will the EU and its member states demonstrate the capacity for critical introspection and the political willingness for leading this process to reach a consensus without further delay?

2) The Changing Economy and Workplace in a Digital and Social Europe

Automation and artificial intelligence were accelerating economic change before the COVID-19 crisis. How can Europe build a successful future economy while protecting and providing for its citizens? The Digital Single Market is far from complete, but completing it risks our privacy, and could allow dominant players to inhibit innovation and weaken our democracy. How do we balance innovation and privacy? And where should our focus be for the most profound digital benefits – public healthcare, or energy, for example?

3) The Green Deal

Europe is a global leader for the Green Economy, but are we doing enough; and are we moving fast enough? What opportunities are we missing in terms of protecting the Earth, and advancing our societies?

4) Europe on the Global Stage

Is it time for a more robust and unapologetic EU Common Foreign and Security Policy?

 5) The Quality of our Democracy

At its core, the European Union is a peace project, that peace is dependent on common values. Are the founding principles of the European Union at risk, with a particular attention to gender equality and the rule of law?

The event will be livestreamed here from Wednesday 9 September 2020, 15:00 CEST

Participants can register here for the conference and we encourage you submitting questions in writing prior the webinar, the moderator will consider them for the Q&A session. Questions submitted during the event will also be considered, but due to the high number of expected participants, it will not be possible to answer all of the questions during the live debate.

FMA Webinar – “Together for the future of Europe” – 9 September 2020, 3 PM CEST

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