What is the 'Conference on the Future of Europe'?

The Conference on the Future of Europe is a proposal of the European Commission and the European Parliament, announced in the end of 2019, with the aim of looking at the medium to long term future of the EU and what reforms should be made to its policies and institutions.

The preparation of the Conference will follow three steps:

  1. Elaboration of the concept, structure, timing and scope with Parliament and Council;
  2. Design of a means to ensure that citizens participate as much as possible, including by fostering online participation for younger people;
  3. Making sure that appropriate follow-up is provided to the actions agreed by the Conference.

Read the briefing by the European  Parliamentary Research Service.

FMA Intiatives

The FMA will contribute to the Conference on the Future of Europe with the FMA Reflection group and the Round tables organised with the most important Political Foundations.

EU Institutions’ Positions on the Conference on the Future of Europe

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