The Librorum is organised by the FMA and for this second edition in co-operation with the European Parliament office in Luxembourg and the Europe Direct Information Centre at the University of Luxembourg. This second edition took place on the 25 March 2021 and was hosted by Monica Baldi, FMA Board Member responsible for the communications and by Miguel Angel Martínez Martínez, FMA Board member.

For the second edition of the Librorum, Astrid Lulling, a well-known engaged European politician who served from 1965 to 1974 and from 1989 to 2014 at the European Parliament presented her book “My life as a woman in politics (Mein Leben als Frau in der Politik)” published in German in 2018 by the Editions Schortgen.

The star personality of the evening was undeniably Astrid Lulling who received many appreciations and regards from familiar and unfamiliar faces who admire her work and engagement over the years. Astrid Lulling who assert to be never afraid of questions, has been awarded the Medal of Honour by the City of Strasbourg and has even a Lounge at her name in the European Parliament in Brussels for her long services at the Parliament.

Throughout the evening Astrid Lulling has been presented as one of the most recognized and famous women in Luxembourg, as committed to women’s rights and the European Union, as an inspiring and great European woman and also as a person who has been able to identify the construction of the European Union with a series of values that remain fundamental for the process of the construction. She also has been described as a strong and persuasive speaker and engaged for her causes. Astrid Lulling has been able to stay true to herself.

Further, the public expressed several time its wishes of translation in many languages for her book in order to spread her experience and knowledge. It has also been pointed out that a long interview of Astrid Lulling recorded by the University of Luxemburg a few years ago is still one of the most consulted media by their students and their PhD students. To watch the interview please follow this link. Finally, her role and commitment to the defence of viticulture has been highlighted and praised.

During the interview, Astrid Lulling also had the opportunity to clarify her career which is the longest European and a pioneer career in politics for women. As a matter of fact she entered for example as first woman after the Second World War the Chamber of Deputies and the Parliament of Luxemburg which were male-dominated areas. She also had the opportunity to recapitulate some sections of her book. As often said every generation should be represented and Astrid Lulling who is turning 92 this year underlined it by calling our attention to her generation. We wish her good luck and all the best for her future projects.

Please find the full record of the event here.